I have been searching for a way to *cheaply* automate my trades in NSE (National Stock Exchange) India. Being new to this area, I have no clue where to get started.

some plans in my mind:
A) Marketcetera – an open source client.
B) may be I have to write my c++ code using QuickFix lib.
C) or simply automate http://www.now-online.in using cURL+some C++ coding

ofcourse there are few brokers (eg: Interactive Brokers) who provide APIs for algo trading, given the cost & my hobby-trader-status, I don’t think they would economically work out.

Hurdles to cross in plan A and plan B:
To configure Marketcetera to NSE, It seems I need to know the NSE tap-server configuration, broker information (my broker is zerodha). If any one can add more info in comments that will be helpful.
may be I need omnesys api documentation (omnesys is the company that provides my trading terminal NOW)

plan C: seems to be easy but not scalable
All I needed is a simple trailing stop loss to lock my profits without starring the monitor all the time.

some more online resources:
Getting started with QuickFix


I have been playing in the office chess tournament. Won two games, lost on the third one and got kicked out the tournament. I am not going to write about chess tactics but something about the psychology πŸ™‚

For the first two games I somehow knew its going to be easy and was very relaxed. For the third game, I was bit worried and had the ‘ball in the stomach’ feeling as the opponent is going to be much better and stronger than my previous ones.

In the third game, I made a mistake of allowing a doubled pawn which later proved fatal, looks like I even had drawing possibility! In the third game I was playing under more ‘stress’ which was increasingly blinding me!

The irony was

“more badly I wanted to win” => “more stressed I became” => “more stupid mistakes” => “failure is assured”

The counter-intuitive solution to avoid ‘stupid mistakes made out of panic/hurry’ is:

Don’t be dead set and cling to something. Step back a little, relax and play with out attachment !

This seems to be an universal truth, think of all the people who commit suicide, they are attached to something so badly, they chose to quit when they fail! While bargaining, it’s the party who wants it ‘very badly’ end up paying tons of money.

“you want something very badly” => be unattached (i.e don’t want it badly!)=> WIN (get what you wanted!)

I agree that’s a tough route, but with little practice, I think we can achieve that. Instead of wanting something badly at the start, try casually whatever possible and grab the wins or how about making losing as much fun as possible or losing with style that should be fun too πŸ™‚

To succeed don’t chase the success so badly ;), probably you are your worst enemy standing in your way!

Before jumping into games which initially appear ‘too good to be true’,
it is wise to understand its rules and end results.

Here is one such auction game:

A 20$ bill is auctioned with initial price of 1$.
Twisted rule: The second loser of the auction should pay all the money he lost!

Initially auction may sound as fantastic deal to be in, if played with strangers the game becomes totally weird at the end!

Another auction game: winners curse.

Collect a jar full of coins and allow a group of people to bid for the jar. The winner will *always* end up paying more than the actual worth of the jar.

so, know the rules and consequences before jumping into a game with blind optimism πŸ™‚

Yeah, I know world is a stage and everyone is an actor, blah blah…
but can you believe this:

Lady Gaga
lady gaga
lady gaga
no makeup ghost !

All the above pictures are of same girl except the last one is without make up!

anyways enjoy this πŸ™‚

Well… so the right answer is… I don’t know… I think it depends on the situation… :p

May be people should care for ‘winning of relationship’ rather than winner in the relationship, as said in the video.

But I can think of an epic solution:

both boy and girl should get together… one should say “ready stead…go” and both should sing “I luuuuuuuurveeeee you” in chorus …

how is that !?

any other good ideas?

This is one of the classic problems dealt in game theory, Prisoner’s Dilemma situation replays itself in life in billion different ways.

why is it so hard to trust and be someone’s true friend?
Ans: In real life Prisoner’s Dilemma situation unfolds where the rewards are rearranged so that the best logical option for both to reduce mutual damage when the game is played only once is both should not co-operate!

This kind of one time, two player game happens all the time in life!

If you want someone to cooperate, there should be something more than the reward system of the game. Usually it would be love or trust or respect or solid-promise (like the one you make to get a loan from a bank, not cheap words) which can put the players of the game out of Prisoner’s Dilemma and let them enjoy a funny joke together.

In all other cases, the deadly prisoner’s dilemma guarantees sleepless nights, victims, mistrust & resentment.

There is a little hope when the game is played over and over (iterative 2 player game), that is player’s can learn from past experience and take a wise decisions.

The best strategy for 2 player iterative games is “tit for tat”, be nice if your opponent was nice, don’t co-operate if he has broken a previous promise and continue the game, as simple as that! All other strategies like being totally vengeful or trying to be Jesus won’t work out well to your advantage, over a period of time.

Tit for tat is a nice strategy to deal with low stakes players (i.e people with whom you don’t invest much of time/effort/money) but when dealing with very high stake rewards, a stricter version of tit for tat, i.e you will lose all the co operation even you cheat once, can be advantageous!

Here is another classic real life example πŸ™‚

August 2nd is Friendship day πŸ™‚

A friend is some one who sees through your bullshit, cuts out the crap of politeness, diplomacy etc. and ‘shares the fun’ and ‘shares for the fun of it’ πŸ™‚

Welcome to my new blog πŸ™‚

This time I am not hoping to update this blog regularly or fill it with my world changing ideas or anything. I have tried them before it has never worked for me :p


this blog , is a spontaneous creation of mine, with no promises of any kind, I don’t even hope you would enjoy this blog (although I think that’s a pleasant side effect)!

I may burn this wordpress blogΒ  in future or continue writing here who knows… but this blog will always respect

β€œRather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Most people are very much concerned with winning or losing,
but all that matters is… the act of playing!

I remember a similar incidence, during my college days, there was a very tough technical quiz with negative marks. The winning team sweated too much of their brain to get some 40 points, as usual the interesting thing happened when the losers were announced.

The team that came last played so recklessly ending up with minus 10 points! The losing team was not giving a damn and full of smiles on the stage!

The entire auditorium applauded thunderously for the losing team! What a strange turn!